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Mobile Application Development

Application Development Android 2019
Tarikh: 11 - 12/02/2019  Februari -
Anjuran: ILD PERAK  Institut Kepimpinan dan Pembangunan (Institute of Leadership and Development - ILD)
Tanjung Tualang, Kampung Gajah, Perak
Penginapan: VILA PERDANA
Bil. Peserta: 30 ORANG

Principles of Mobile App Design

1.Understand How Users Interact with Mobile Apps
Focus on speed - the operation should take no longer than a  second (Jakob Nielsen)
Make your design invisible - Every interaction should be  simple and easy

2. Create Your App’s Mission
Fill a need
Keep users coming back

3. Design for Simplicity
Position elements appropriately
Do more with less
Make tasks obvious

4. App Organization
Don’t overload pages or cards with extraneous information.

5. User Interface Components
Usability needs to be prioritized over aesthetics
to understand and interact with your app without a second
thought – standard component/familiar icon

6. Working with Gestures
Utilize standard gestures – eg: swipe to delete, double-tap  to zoom, shake to undo, and tap and hold to copy
Need adding or extending gesture?? - makes them very  easy to learn by including instructions on the preloaded  tasks

7. Communicating with Your Users
Alerts and dialogs
Banners and Notifications

8. Creating Your Visual Identity
What is your app’s personality? –
business-like? Comforting? Educating?

Trends to Keep Up With in 2019
The Augmented Reality Mobile Design Trend
Voice Apps Will Be the Ones to Watch Out For
Artificial Intelligence App Trends are Set to Improve User Experience
Mobile App Developers Are Putting More Focus on Security
The Mobile Payments Design Trend is Going to Grow

Mobile User Backgroud



Dulu guna Android Studio https://developer.android.com/studio/
Sekarang untuk kelas pengenalan  kita guna tools yang support cross platform appypie https://www.appypie.com/
boleh juga guna Adobe phonegap https://phonegap.com/

Sekarang guna appypie 

ok hari ni belajar buat mobile apps android guna https://snappy.appypie.com/

Latihan hari ini buat apps utk order Pasta melalui App > Faizar Book Cafe

Ok Apps dah siap 

Step 1
Open the below URL on your Android Phone Browser

Step 2
Tap 'Launch'. A dialog box to download .apk file will open on your device, tap Ok or Download

Step 3
Open the downloaded .apk file, and tap 'Install'
(Please note if you haven’t enabled 'Unknown sources', a dialog box asking to enable 'Unknown Sources' will popup. Go to settings and enable it.)

Step 4
Once the app is installed, you can delete the .apk file downloaded earlier as you wouldn't need it any longer.

Dia juga dah buatkan mode website   https://www.pwastore.com/w/faizar-book-cafe 


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