Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The new SocialGO is coming

The new SocialGO is coming

 Next version of new platform, SocialGO Version 2 which will be released later this year. Version 2 represents a new way of thinking about the creation of social websites and communities. It will giveus new levels of flexibility to build truly unique spaces for the businesses and groups work with.

The social web has grown to become a key layer in everything we do online, and  they are creating a brand new platform to power the next generation of social website.

To learn more, please visit http://sgv2.comfollow @socialgo
and check out the blog.

Private beta phase....

All existing Premium and Concierge customers will be invited
to join the private beta. You do not need to do anything! They
will contact you in the next couple of months with an invite
code to begin trying out SocialGO Version 2.

Public beta....

After private beta, they will be inviting a wider audience. To
be one of the first to explore V2 as part of thier public beta
program, register your interest at :


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