Alhamdulilah kali in kumpulan kami telah menerima menerima Par Excellence Award di 46th International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) 2021


Alhamdulilah dari dua projek inovasi yang saya sertai dalam (IIDEX) 2019 kali ini , inovasi WeGBY CHAIR telah menerima Anugerah SPECIAL AWARD - DIAMOND dan GOLD manakala inovasi RDMS (Reference Desk Management System ) mendapat anugerah SILVER


Alhamdulilah kali ini di anugerahkan sebagai Fasiltator Terbaik di Konvensyen KIK Peringkat UiTM 2019 Zon Tengah sekali lagi setelah menerima pada tahun 2016


Alhamdulilah tugasan kali ini berjaya membawa kumpulan KIK PTAR i-Clique meraih Anugerah Emas dalam Konvensyen Team Excellent Peringkat Wilayah 2018 ( Wilayah Selatan ) di Holiday Villa Johor Bahru City Centre


Alhamdulilah dapat juga melakarkan sejarah memenangi anugerah emas bagi penyertaan di International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2017) pula dengan produk inovasi Solat Alert Software (SAS). ....

Anugerah EMAS (GOLD) di Ekspo Reka Cipta, Inovasi dan Reka Bentuk (Invention, Innovation And Design Exposition) - IIDEX

Alhamdulilah kedua-dua projek inovasi yang saya sertai mendapat anugerah dalam IIDEX2016 daripada sejumlah 745 penyertaan keseluruhannya.

Awards at British Invention Show 2009

The British Invention Show, is the largest innovation and technology expo in Britain. UiTM submitted 8 entries of which all won medals.

Fasilitator Terbaik

Fasilitator Terbaik kali kedua berturut-turut. Sebenarnya kejayaaan ini adalah kejayaan anda semua.

Konvensyen ICC Kebangsaan

Naib Johan Sektor Awam, 10 Kumpulan Terbaik Sektor Awam, Anugerah Emas 3 Bintang Konvensyen ICC Kebangsaan

Pingat Emas Dalam Malaysia Technology Expo ( MTE)

Menerima anugerah Pingat Emas dalam Malaysia Technology Expo ( MTE) 2009 yang telah diadakan pada 19 hingga 21 Februari 2009 di PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. Pelbagai hasil penyelidikan telah dipamerkan oleh 460 peserta/ kumpulan daripada pelbagai IPTA, badan swasta, MRSM dan lain-lain organisasi.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five tips for better landscape shots

There is more to landscape photography than just arming yourself with a wide-angle lens and shooting at small apertures. Some shutterbugs make an the effort to wake up at the crack of dawn, aiming to capture that majestic sunrise, but often, they fall short. The result: Washed-out skies and underexposed foregrounds which can be quite discouraging for the budding hobbyist. If this sounds familiar, fret not as we have five useful tips that should help you improve your landscape photos. 

1. Quality of light
In landscape photography, the quality of light can make or break a photo. Many experienced photographers will tell you that the best time for capturing landscapes are during the "golden hours". Typically, they are short periods in the mornings and evenings, which give images an overall warm glow. This results in three-dimensional images due to an interplay of light and shadow. For those who can't drag themselves out of bed to catch the sunrise, try shooting sunsets instead. 

2. Position, position, position
It's always wise to visit the location of your shoot beforehand. This allows you order to determine the best vantage points to shoot from and observe how the light falls during different times of the day. Typical vantage points can produce images that were "shot-to-death", so try looking for more obscure areas to shoot from to ensure you get images that are different from others. 

3. Highlights and shadows
The camera meter tends to be biased and often exposes for the foreground, leaving the sky looking like a white mess of blown highlights which lack detail. For cameras with manual controls or exposure compensation modes, try underexposing the image by one stop to retain more detail in the sky. Image processing software--such as Adobe Photoshop--find it easier to remedy an underexposed foreground than to salvage blown highlights in the sky. 

4. Skies and clouds
Clouds give landscapes a sense of depth, space and drama. In a landscape photo, skies that lack content appear uninteresting and this is especially so if your foreground subject is not eye-catching. For countries located along the equator such as Singapore, skies are plain and lack the blue you see sub-tropical or temperate locations. To capture more vivid skies, shutterbugs can use a Circular polarizing filter to enhance the blue in skies. Compact cameras also have color settings such as Vivid or Scenery mode which make skies look more saturated and dramatic. 

5. Silky waters
Sharp images of flowing water can come across as boring. Rivers and waterfalls are best captured with a slow shutter speed where the motion blur gives viewers a sense of the movement. The best way to capture silky smooth water is to use a slow shutter speed, a steady tripod and a small aperture (F11 to F22). For more artistic shots, use a Neutral Density (ND) filter slow down your shutter speed even more for really misty water! Some compact cameras even come with scene modes that help beginners to automatically achieve this effect. 

Picture credit: Shawn Low 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photo Palestine We Care For You 2011- Laman Budaya Shah Alam

Photo sekitar aktiviti "Palestine We Care For You 2011" di Laman Budaya Shah Alam  Anjuran Aman Palestine Shah Alam  pada 29 Mei 2011 (Ahad) dari jam 9 pagi - 6.30 petang

Kami menghadiri aktiviti sebelah pagi kerana anak kami Farah Afifah 5 tahun telah mewakili taskinya iaitu Taski Integrasi Al-Mustakim Seksyen 7 dalam pertandingan mewarna untuk 5 kanak-kanak 5 tahun mendapat tempat kedua.

Disamping tu dia juga mengambil bahagian dalam Pentomin & Drama Palestine.
Banyak acra menarik diadakan seperti:
- Simple Talk about Palestine with Farrah Addeba & Palestine Representative
- Tarian Dabka Palestine
- Drama Palestine
- Jualan Palestine
- Nisa Indoor Games
- Persembahan Nasyid kumpulan Mestica
- Pentomin.

Future Library : Robots hoard the books at mechanized library

Mansueto Library

Credit: University of Chicago
If books are dying a slow death, libraries are also living on borrowed time. But that didn't stop the University of Chicago from sinking $81 million into the new Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, which ironically doesn't have any books on display.
The entire book collection is stored underground in a five-story chamber that can hold some 35,000 metal bins. If you want to actually crack open a dead tree and read its paper pages, you'll have to ask a robot to fetch it for you from the vault.
robot crane
A robotic crane between racks of bins (click to enlarge).
(Credit: University of Chicago)
The five underground robot cranes, apparently made byDematic, retrieve the storage bins in minutes. As the vid below explains, a human librarian opens the bin and gets your bar-coded book. Then you're free to read the tome in the light-filled egg-shaped Grand Reading Room, which is otherwise devoid of books. Welcome to the automated library.
The robotized storage system makes lots of sense in terms of book preservation and efficiency; since books are packed by size instead of subject the vault apparently is seven times more efficient than conventional shelf storage.
The library, named after donor Morningstar CEO Joe Mansueto and his wife, is also meant to reflect how most research is done today--looking up text online, using Google Books, as well as consulting physical books.
Will Chicago's automatic egg become a model for future libraries? I love libraries, and I'm sitting in one right now as I write. One thing I like most about them is that they're full of books. Books that I'm interested in, and books that I'm not interested in.
I happen to be sitting in the art section, surrounded by spines with titles like "Japonisme," "Warhol Live," and "The Sun King's Garden." I didn't summon them by robot. They're just there, waiting for someone to take a casual or serious interest. After all, the beauty of analog technology is the bonus experiences you don't expect.
I could wax poetic about the fuzzy feeling I get thinking about all these books, and the work that went into them, standing in quiet rows, but I'll spare you. I'm just glad they're here in the sunlight, no doubt decaying prematurely, instead of in an underground chamber.

source :
From Shelves to Internet: Digital Library Takes Shape
Five-story robots patrol an underground chamber to retrieve books beneath the Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago. It's a sight that would impress most people, but U.S. librarians and academics have their eyes set on a still more futuristic concept. They want to build the Digital Public Library of America.
The library founders have wisely crowdsourced the concept to anyone who has ideas about what a digital library should look like. Such a challenge rivals an architectural design contest for the next huge skyscraper, according to John Palfrey, co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at the Harvard Law School.
But make no mistake; the Digital Public Library of America does not spell the end for your local library. If anything, it would do the opposite.
"I hope that a thriving Digital Public Library of America can be a complement to a very bright future for libraries of all sorts by freeing them up to do more," Palfrey said. "If you talk to any bright-eyed librarian in any setting, they'll talk about all the things they're eager to do and can't get to because of budgetary constraints."
Connecting the dots
A future digital library could be as simple as agreeing about creating standards for sharing existing digital resources. Or it could represent its own full-blown Internet portal that holds all sorts of content ranging from journal articles to comic books, from the latest chart-topping songs to old Hollywood movies.
The actual concept would likely fall between those two visions, Palfrey said. But whatever the case, he emphasized the need for such a library to make use of all the other online archives and digitization projects that have already uploaded material onto the Internet.
"One of the important challenges here is that we don't want to recreate the great work of PublicResource.Org. digitization projects, and the efforts of many big libraries," Palfrey told InnovationNewsDaily. "We want to tap into, coordinate and spur such efforts, not work at cross-purposes."
A digital library should also tie into existing resources such as Google search or the open-source Wikipedia, Palfrey said. That only makes sense given how so many "netizens" already make use of such resources.
Many doorways
The Digital Public Library of America also needs to consider how to become available to as many people as possible. That could mean enabling multiple language versions, as well as making sure that visually impaired people can still surf the library's contents.
Different portals for the library might also suit people with different digital connection speeds or types of access. During a recent workshop, planners observed that more people will access the Internet through mobile devices rather than a traditional computer by 2013 or 2014.
Users might even enter the digital library through different interfaces depending on whether they're looking for the latest murder mystery thriller, sci-fi movies or old U.S. court decisions. In all cases, the interfaces should be "beautiful and intuitive and helpful," Palfrey said.
"We're not going to recreate YouTube, and we're not going to recreate the World Wide Web, and we're not going to recreate iTunes," Palfrey explained. "But there may be approaches that are analogous which make a lot of sense."
The human knowledge project
The expense for the Digital Public Library of America might end up around $5 million-10 million a year, based on operating costs for the similar Europeana project. But that cost could rise by up to ten times if the library has to digitize a lot of text, audio or video content that doesn't already exist online.
Palfrey and the library steering committee must also consider how to secure copyright permissions for lending digital materials not in the public domain, so that future library users can enjoy some of the latest best-selling books or Hollywood blockbusters.
Still, the effort could pay off big by empowering people with access to knowledge that they might harness in unexpected ways.
"The Digital Library of America can be a generative platform for people to do innovative things that we can't foresee now," Palfrey said. "That's the big win for me, allowing things that we couldn't possibly imagine at the outset."
The future library may even end up connecting to digital libraries in other countries such as the Netherlands, Norway and South Korea.
"This is not the human knowledge project, but it might be if you add it to the other [international] efforts," Palfrey said. "This could be a component of the human knowledge project."
This story was provided by InnovationNewsDaily,


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Palestine We Care For You 2011-Laman Budaya Shah Alam


Dijemput semua untuk memeriahkan program Palestine We Care For You 2011..

Anjuran Aman Palestine Shah Alam
@ Laman Budaya Shah Alam
pada 29 Mei 2011 (Ahad)
dari jam 9pagi - 6.30petang

Banyak acra menarik disediakan seperti:
- Simple Talk about Palestine with Farrah Addeba & Palestine Representative
- Tarian Dabka Palestine
- Drama Palestine
- Jualan Palestine
- Nisa Indoor Games
- Persembahan Nasyid kumpulan Mestica
- Pentomin.

Mari bersama Memeriahkan..
Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi:
Khaulah - 0133827273

Video 2011 UEFA Champions League: FC Barcelona vs Manchester United 3-1

For the third time in six seasons, Barcelona is the king of European soccer.Pedro Rodriguez, Lionel Messi and David Villa scored as the Spanish league title holders beat Manchester United 3-1 in the Champions League final last night at London’s Wembley Stadium. It’s the fourth time Barcelona has captured Europe’s elite club competition and the second time in three seasons it has beaten United.

Just as in 1992, Wembley provided the setting for a Catalan celebration as FC Barcelona turned on the style to beat Manchester United FC 3-1 and claim their fourth European crown.
Barcelona were worthy winners, taking the lead through Pedro Rodríguez and responding to Wayne Rooney's equaliser with two superb second-half strikes from Lionel Messi and David Villa.

If Barça's triumph at the old Wembley broke down a barrier with their first European Champion Clubs' Cup, this underlined the Spanish titleholders' status as the continent's dominant force – their third UEFA Champions League in six seasons conferring the stamp of greatness on Josep Guardiola's side. For an outplayed United side, it was a sorry repeat of their Rome defeat by the Blaugrana two years ago. There were dancers with umbrellas in the opening ceremony and even the simulated sounds of a storm but it was on the pitch that lightning eventually struck twice.

For a short while, it looked like things might turn out differently for the English champions. Sir Alex Ferguson selected an attacking formation, resisting the temptation to pack his midfield and instead fielding both Javier Hernández and Rooney in attack.

As in Rome, his team raced out of the blocks, pushing up and aiming to deny Barcelona the time and space to find their stride, and briefly the ploy worked. Barcelona seemed edgy as Hernández hustled a defender into losing the ball on the edge of his area. Javier Mascherano, starting in central defence in place of Carles Puyol with Éric Abidal at left-back, then failed to deal with Edwin van der Sar's punt down the middle, forcing Víctor Valdés into urgent action to deny Rooney.

Inevitably, though, Barça clicked into gear, and they fashioned the first clear opening on the quarter-hour as Xavi Hernández drove in a low cross that Pedro, drifting free of Fabio, turned wide. Barcelona soon had United pinned back as more chances came. Villa flashed a shot narrowly wide before forcing a low save from Van der Sar. A superb Nemanja Vidić challenge then foiled Messi yet, in the 27th minute, United were undone.

Xavi was the architect, advancing into United territory and picking out Pedro with a diagonal pass. The winger's movement had carried him clear of Vidić on the right side of the box and he applied a cool finish, sidefooting the ball into the near corner with Van der Sar wrongfooted.
Amid the many predictions about this contest the general consensus appeared to be that United needed the first goal. However, they responded seven minutes later with a fine equaliser, their first and only attempt on target. After Barcelona had lost the ball from an Abidal throw-in, Rooney surged forward on a one-two with Michael Carrick. He then slipped a pass to Ryan Giggs inside the area and met the Welshman's return ball with a superb curled finish into the far corner.

Sir Alex had anticipated "the final of the decade" and an absorbing first half almost produced another goal when Messi drove forward and after feeding Pedro on the right, was just a whisker away from meeting the return.

United's respite was short-lived as Barça resumed control after the restart. Although Van der Sar saved from Daniel Alves, Messi restored their advantage after 54 minutes. Collecting a pass from Messi, the Argentinian cut inside Patrice Evra and punished Vidić's failure to close him down by sweeping the ball past Van der Sar from 20 metres. Messi's ensuing explosion of emotion showed just what the goal – his first on English soil but 12th in this season's competition – meant.

The little magician could have had more goals as Barcelona went for the kill. Van der Sar denied him with his legs before Fabio kept out his back-heeled effort with a goal-line block. Van der Sar, on his final appearance, offered a fitting reminder of his class with a full-length dive to foil Xavi yet he had no chance with Villa's third goal after 69 minutes.

Although United stopped Messi's surge into the box, substitute Nani lost out to Sergio Busquets who teed up the Spain striker to curl an exquisite finish into the top corner.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Musim Harum Manis di Perlis


Sebut sahaja Perlis, ramai yang akan mengaitkannya dengan Harum Manis, sejenis mempelam yang subur di negeri utara tanah air sehingga menimbulkan keghairahan sesiapa sahaja untuk membelinya termasuk penduduk dari negeri lain. Walaupun harganya meningkat setiap tahun, orang ramai sanggup beratur panjang semata-mata mahu membeli Harum Manis. 
Harum Manis merupakan sejenis buah yang popular dan hanya terdapat di negeri Perlis. Buahnya yang berbau harum dan isinya yang tebal kekuningan serta rasanya yang enak pasti menawan hati sesiapa saja yang mencubanya.
Musim Harum Manis adalah sekitar bulan April hingga Jun. Ramai individu, penjual dan pengusaha restoran mengambil kesempatan ketika musim Harum Manis untuk menikmati keenakan serta hasil jualannya.

Fenomena mangga Harum Manis yang sangat terkenal di negeri Perlis bakal melanda. Pihak tidak ketinggalan dalam menerima tempahan yang ingin merasakan keenakan dan keharuman mempelam ini yang hanya berbunga pada awal musim kemarau dan masak pada awal musim hujan.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nur Kasih The Movie: Nilai Cinta & Pengorbanan


Saya pada mulanya tidaklah teruja untuk mengikuti slot drama ini dulu di TV3,  Selepas versi dramanya mencipta fenomena dan mendapat sambutan hebat di kaca TV sepanjang 25 tahun kewujudan TV3,  ia telah pun dijadikan Filem. teruja juga ... tapi suka lihat sinimatografinya menarik..

Penghasilan versi filem ini didorong oleh banyak faktor termasuk barisan pelakon hebatnya juga. Selain itu terbukti berdasarkan kajian oleh AGB Nielsen Media Research, sebanyak 4.3 juta penonton mewakili 55.8 peratus penonton memilih drama Nur Kasih.

Siaran ulangannya tanpa iklan juga mencatatkan rekod tersendiri apabila mencecah dua juta penonton setiap kali ia disiarkan. Semoga usaha projek filem ini akan membawa kejayaan dengan kos filem ini dianggarkan menelan belanja sebanyak RM2.5 juta

Mengenai pelakon pula, yang jelas Remy Ishak, Tiz Zaqyah, Fizz Fairuz dan beberapa pelakon asal  dikekalkan. Cuma Ummi Nazeera saja yang tak dapat meneruskan komitmennya kerana melanjutkan pelajaran di Melbourne, Australia. Beberapa karakter baru juga  diwujudkan,

Jalan ceritanya boleh dikaitkan dengan sesiapa saja tetapi dengan sentuhan Mira ia jadi seperti sebuah cerita dongeng yang cukup indah. Mira bijak bermain dengan watak dan emosi malah menerusi filem ini Mira ketengahkan penceritaan yang barangkali di luar jangkaan pencinta setia Nur Kasih

(Lakon layar)
Adam (Pelakon Utama)
Aidil (Pelakon Utama)
Nur Amina (Pelakon Utama)
Alia (Pelakon Pembantu)
Mariam (Pelakon Pembantu)
Mak Jah (Pelakon Pembantu)



Watch on Posterous

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Roadshow 2011 - Coming to Malaysia

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5  Roadshow 2011

Date:19 May, 2011 (Thu)
Time:8.30am to 1.00pm
Venue:Plenary Theatre, Level 3 West Wing ,Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Engage the widest audience possible with the latest print, mobile, and interactive features.
When you need to deliver rich, immersive experiences, master an ever-growing array of mobile screens, and keep ahead of the trends in digital publishing, you need the power of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.

If you are looking to improve your workflow, stay on top of industry trends, and monetize your creations, it's time to discover the new possibilities with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.
Join us at the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 roadshow where Adobe evangelists will share with you how Adobe Creative Suite tools have evolved to dramatically enhance your workflow and keep your skills fresh. You'll learn how to work faster and stay ahead of the latest trends, especially the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and the vast array of screen sizes.

Register Now


Nelson John

Nelson John

Creative Consultant, Technical Solutions Group
Adobe South East Asia
Nelson John is a Consultant for Technical Solutions Group in Adobe South East Asia specializing in the Creative Product Suites. He is a certified expert and instructor for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier and After Effects (ACE and ACI). Nelson has used Adobe products for the past fourteen years. As an evangelist, he leverages his vast experience in the fields of Video, Imaging, Multimedia, as well as pre- and post production workflows, to deliver the best possible experience for the Adobe Creative Community in both large institutions and small design and production studios.
Who should attend?
  • Users of Adobe Creative Suite 3 and Adobe Creative Suite 4
  • Users looking to speed up day-to-day workflow
  • Users who want to stay on top of the latest trends
  • Users who need to speed up digital image editing, vector graphic creation and page layout tasks
  • Users who need to produce high-quality video quickly
  • Users who want to design and distribute engaging interactive content for the latest smart phones and tablets.
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is ready to help you boost your productivity and keep pace with your creative vision.


Create highly engaging magazines, corporate collateral, and advertisement including digital output and delivery through integration with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Rasanya baru je Launch CS3 2007 , itu pun tak explore sepenuhnya 

After that Launch Adobe CS4 pun tak sempat nak explore dah launch Adobe CS4,

anyway terus guna Adobe CS 5.5 je le nanti , 

Monday, May 16, 2011



Terima Kasih Guruku walau di mana jua berada. 
SELAMAT HARI GURU di ucapkan... 
Jasamu tetap di kenang hingga ke akhir nyawa.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


PENEMPATAN LATIHAN INDUSTRI, PELAJAR SARJANA MUDA (Kepujian) Fotografi & Pengimejan Kreatif, FSSR (9 Mei - 9 Julai 2011)

Pihak Jabatan Pengurusan Sistem & Teknologi Maklumat (JPSTM) serta Jabatan Pengurusan Maklumat (JPM), Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak 1 (PTAR 1) telah menerima 4 orang pelajar Latihan Industri mulai Isnin 9 Mei 2011 sehingga 9 Julai 2011

Pelajar-pelajar ini adalah pelajar Sarjana Muda (Kepujian) Fotografi & Pengimejan Kreatif, (AD227) FSSR yang akan mengadakan Latihan Industri di Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak (PTAR) antara cuti semester ini sebagai memenuhi syarat penganugerahan ijazah mereka.

Pihak PTAR mengucapkan selamat datang kepada semua pelajar-pelajar berikut;


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mei 2011 Harga Gula pulak naik lagi ...

Adoi, baru je minggu lepas harga minyak naik, minggu ni harga gula pula. Minggu depan harga barang apa pula mau naik ni? :)

Kalau tiap-tiap minggu harga barang naik macam mana nak hidup ni. Ya, hidup boleh tapi ibarat kais pagi makan Kais pagi makan chicken chop. Kais petang, makan chicken chop (iklan baru KFC..) haaa..jgn makan kaki ayam aje sudah le..

Harga gula naik 20 sen kepada RM2.30 sekilogram berkuatkuasa 10 Mei 2011.

Penyelarasan subsidi itu akan membolehkan kerajaan berjimat sebanyak RM116.6juta.

Menurut Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna Mohd Zain Mohd Dom, kenaikan itu selaras dengan keputusan Mesyuarat Majlis Ekonomi pada hari ini.

"Langkah ini adalah selari dengan strategi jangka panjang kerajaan untuk merasionalisasikan subsidi secara berperingkat-peringkat," kata Mohd Zain.

Jelasnya, walaupun perubahan harga runcit dibuat, ia adalah lebih rendah berbanding negara serantau, termasuk Indonesia, Singapura, Thailand dan Filipina.

Beliau malah menyebut harga gula di negara-negara berkenaan sebagai perbandingan.

Kali terakhir harga gula naik pada 4 Disember lalu, sejajar dengan kenaikan Harga petrol RON95, diesel, Petroleum Gas Cecair (LPG).

Kenaikan yang dikenali sebagai "4-dalam-1" itu menimbulkan kemarahan banyak pihak, termasuk mewujudkan beberapa siri bantahan, terutamanya sekitar Kuala Lumpur.

Pada masa itu, harga gula turut meningkat 20sen, menjadikan harganya RM2.10 sekilogram.

Sebelum itu, berlaku juga kenaikan pada 15 Julai tahun lalu dalam kenaikan "5-dalam-1.

Selain gula, turut mengalami kenaikan dua gred petrol, diesel, gula dan gas pada masa itu. -mk

Friday, May 06, 2011




Taip UPU RESULT [NO. KP] dan SMS ke 15888
Contoh : UPU RESULT 930616076007



sumber LAMAN WEB RASMI  dan



Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mei 2011 Harga Minyak Naik Lagi ...

KUALA LUMPUR, 4 Mei 2011 (Bernama) -- Harga petrol RON97 akan naik 20sen ke RM2.90 seliter berkuatkuasa tengah malam ini, demikian menurut Persatuan Penjual Pengusaha Stesen Minyak Malaysia (PDAM).

Naib presiden PDAM Datuk Zulkifli Mokti berkata, peningkatan ini disebabkan kenaikan harga minyak mentah.

"Namun harga RON95 dan diesel kekal seperti sekarang," katanya ketika dihubungi Bernama.

Pada 2 April, harga RON97, yang diapungkan mengikut harga pasaran minyak semasa, naik 20 sen ke RM2.70 seliter ekoran krisis Timur Tengah.

Petrol RON95 kekal RM1.90 seliter.

February 1, 2011  Harga Minyak Ron 97 Naik Lagi

4795888475 8f84956d29 Harga Minyak Ron 97 Naik Lagi
Sehari selepas pilihanraya DUN Tenang, harga minyak untuk RON 97 naik lagi 1o sen menjadikan harganya sekarang adalah RM 2.50. Ini merupakan kenaikan harga yang keempat berturut-turut bagi petrol RON97.

Semenjak tahun lalu, harga RON97 mula dinaikkan kepada RM2.15 pada 2 November, RM2.30 pada 1 Disember dan terus meningkat kepada RM2.50 pada 4 Januari tahun ini.Harga bagi petrol RON97 yang banyak digunakan oleh kenderaan berkuasa tinggi, tidak ditetapkan kerajaan kerana ia diapung mengikut pasaran minyak dunia semasa.
Bagi pengguna minyak petrol RON 97, sedikit sebanyak pertambahan ini amat dirasai berbanding pengguna minyak RON 95. Kos perjalanan akan menjadi meningkat bagi setiap liter yang diisi dan digunakan.
Apa yang kami kesalkan adalah, kita tidak dapat melihat secara jelas, apakah mekanisme yang ditentukan oleh kerajaan dalam membuat keputusan bagi menaikkan harga minya ini.Selain dari pengurangan subsidi dan juga mengikut mekanisme harga minya pasaran dunia, kita tidak dijelaskan dengan terperinci bagaimana penentuan harga minyak ini dilakukan.
Alangkah elok sekiranya kerajaan dapat menjelaskan dengan lebih mendalam mengenai penentuan harga minyak ini.Ini penting agar rakyat lebih faham tentang mengapa dan apakah faktor yang digunakan.Bila tak faham, sebab itu banyak rakyat yang bising-bising setiap kali berlakunya kenaikan harga minyak.
Wajarkah kita sebagai rakyat, diberikan pengetahuan tentang penetuan mekanisme harga minyak? Kongsi pendapat anda dengan kami.

Jan 4, 11 7:13pm

Harga petrol RON97 akan dinaikkan 10 sen lagi kepada RM2.40 seliter berkuatkuasa tengah malam ini, mengikut sumber.

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