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Facebook Developer Garage, Kuala Lumpur 26 hingga 28 Februari 2011

Facebook Malaysia membawakan Facebook Developer Garage yang bakal diadakan di Kuala Lumpur pada 26 hingga 28 Februari 2011.

Melalui program Facebook Developer Garage ini, para pembangun akan mempelajari segalanya berkaitan platform Facebook daripada para pembangun Facebook sendiri, dan menariknya, program ini disediakan secara percuma.
Facebook Developer Garage ini akan mendidik para pembangun dalam membangunkan aplikasi Facebook mereka, dimana melalui acara tiga hari ini, pelbagai aktiviti akan diadakan, dimana para pesertanya akan membangunkan pelbagai prototaip, dan kelak akan mempersembahkannya kepada umum pada hari yang terakhir. Prototaip dan aplikasi Facebook yang menarik, kelak akan dianugerahkan RM2,500 dalam meneruskan pembangunan projek Facebook mereka.
Facebook Developer Garage juga mendapat sokongan daripada Tandemic, iaitu salah satu agensi konsultan tempatan berkaitan rangkaian media sosial. Facebook Developer Garage juga merupakan salah satu daripada 30 program yang disokong sepenuhnya oleh Facebook dan Intel pada tahun lepas.
Para peserta yang berminat, boleh mendaftarkan diri pada laman rasmi Facebook Developer Garage Kuala Lumpur, yang mana akan diadakan di Institut APIIT di Bukit Jalil.



Friday Feburary 25th · ice warming session
Friday will be an ice warming session at a near by bar in Sri Petaling. The fun begins at 7:30pm.

Saturday February 26th · speaker sessions and hackathon
Spend the first half of the day learning about the Facebook platform, then spend the next half developing on it. Prizes will be given to the best application! See the Speakers

Sunday February 27th · hackathon
The hackathon continues, and prizes will be given out at the end of the day.


the Speakers

 Scott Rafer

Colin Charles

Colin Charles hacks on MariaDB, a MySQL fork and advises Open Ocean Investments companies such as Web of Trust and MoSync. He lives in Kuala Lumpur. Before MySQL, he worked actively on the Fedora and projects. He’s spoken at many conferences –, The MySQL Conference & Expo,, to name a few. He is currently a council member at the Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC) and Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM). He is Director at Grok Sdn Bhd.

Topic: Cloud rollouts, scaling backend of FB apps

Clayton Narcis

Cofounder and developer of Wootfood. Plays an active role in developing Wootfood iPhone, Android and Web app. A true blue Penang boy that currently lives in Kuala Lumpur. Loves dabbling in technology and cars.

Topic: Facebook Development on the iPhone

Using Facebook in iOS
  • Why you should use Facebook iOS SDK?
  • How to use it and issues to be aware of working with Facebook iOS SDK
  • Moving forward with Facebook iOS SDK

Aizat Faiz

Aizat Faiz is a Facebook Software Engineer based in Malaysia. A normal day for Aizat Faiz isn’t so normal for most people. Though a technologist by nature, you may also find Aizat involved in other non-tech related activities on a typical day, such as filming his next Ramly burger masterpiece, burying himself in books about economics, psychology or science fiction, and dabbling in the fine arts of Swing dancing.

Topic: Introduction into the Facebook Graph APIs

The Facebook Graph APIs frees up your personal information on Facebook, allowing other websites or software to interact with it to create a personal experience for you.
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