Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Image of the Day: Android anatomy lesson

An Android is More Human Than You Know [Anatomy]



Who knew that this little green robot had a heart? But that's not all…there are at least 20 unique parts that make Android run. From a secret stash of donuts to his hydrochloric digestor, check out the image for more on everyone's favorite smartphone mascot.

We’ve always imagined what could be inside the mascot of our favorite smartphone operating system. While our friend Gary Booth gave us his take with his Exploded Andy T-Shirt released some time ago, one artist – woofdude on furaffinity – had a different idea. Not everything here is appropriate for non-adults. (And no, I won’t describe what I’m talking about – you’ll just have to find it yourself.) I do love the thought of a donut stash sitting inside of what would normally be a human stomach, though. Take a look at the image above. 

via Phandroid



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