Monday, January 04, 2010

Islamic Finance News (IFN)

Islamic Finance News (IFN)

Description : Islamic Finance news is the leading, capital market focused publication, bringing unrivalled editorial coverage of the global Islamic financing market. Islamic Finance news covers all realms of Islamic finance, providing professionals around the globe with a vehicle to educate and understand the market, the players, the individuals and perhaps more importantly, the benefits over, and comparatives with, the conventional capital markets banking system.
Publisher : RedMoney Availability : Shah Alam campus & All branches
Access : Login ID & Password is required for on/off campus access

Makluman bahawa mulai 4 JAN 2010 akses Islamic Finance News (IFN) melalui EZ proxy sudah boleh digunakan melalui ezaccess tapi mesti menggunkan login & password IFN yang boleh diperolehi dari :
Meja rujukan/Reference Desk (Tun Abdul Razak Library) Tel : 03-5544 3714 atau


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