Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taklimat dan Perbincangan Portal Universiti

Menghadiri Taklimat dan Perbincangan Portal Universiti menggunakan teknologi IBM Web Sphere Portal.
Tarikh : 21 Ogos 2009Masa : 9 pg -12 tgh hariTempat : Makmal Komputer, PSMB


Web portal
A web portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. Apart from the standard search engine feature, web portals offer other services such as e-mail, news, stock prices, information, and entertainment. Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether. Examples of a web portal are MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and iGoogle.

Types of portals
  • Horizontal vs. vertical portal
  • Personal portals
  • Regional web portals
  • Government web portals
  • Corporate web portals
  • Hosted web portals
  • Domain-specific portals
  • Sports portals
Enterprise portal
An enterprise portal, also known as an enterprise information portal (EIP) or corporate portal, is a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries. It provides a secure unified access point,[1] often in the form of a web-based user interface, and is designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific portlets. One hallmark of enterprise portals is the de-centralized content contribution and content management, which keeps the information always updated.

Aggregation , Personalization , Integration

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