Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The smell of e-books just got better

Does your Kindle leave you feeling like there’s something missing from your reading experience?
Have you been avoiding e-books because they just don’t smell right?
If you’ve been hesitant to jump on the e-book bandwagon, you’re not alone. Book lovers everywhere have resisted digital books because they still don’t compare to the experience of reading a good old fashioned paper book.
But all of that is changing thanks to Smell of Books™, a revolutionary new aerosol e-book enhancer.
Now you can finally enjoy reading e-books without giving up the smell you love so much. With Smell of Books™ you can have the best of both worlds, the convenience of an e-book and the smell of your favorite paper book.
Smell of Books™ is compatible with a wide range of e-reading devices and e-book formats and is 100% DRM-compatible. Whether you read your e-books on a Kindle or an iPhone using Stanza, Smell of Books™ will bring back that real book smell you miss so much.

Pick the smell that’s right for you

Smell of Books™ is available in five designer aromas. There’s a Smell of Books™ scent for every type of book lover.

Compatibility List

Smell of Books™ has been tested to work with the following e-book formats:

  • Plain text files
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Amazon Kindle (AZW) Format
  • Open Electronic Book Package Format
  • TomeRaider
  • DuroSport Text Markup Language (DTML)
  • Arghos Diffusion
  • Flip Books
  • NISO Z39.86 Format
  • FictionBook
  • Text Encoding Initiative
  • Plucker
  • CHM Format
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • PostScript
  • DjVu
  • Microsoft LIT
  • eReader (formerly Palm Digital Media/Peanut Press)
  • Desktop Author
  • DNL Reader
  • Newton eBook
  • iPod Notes
  • Libris
  • Mobipocket
  • SSReader
  • Multimedia Books (Eveda)
  • Zen Markup Language (ZML)

Smell of Books™ has been tested to work with the following e-book reading devices:

  • Gemstar REB 1200 and GEB 2150
  • Gemstar REB 1100
  • Rocket Ebook
  • Handera H330
  • Franklin eBookMan
  • FLEPia
  • Kindle
  • Kindle 2
  • Kindle DX
  • PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book
  • Digital Reader 1000
  • Cybook Gen3
  • GeR2
  • Star eBook STK-101
  • Hanilin eReader
  • Sony Reader
  • iLiad
  • LibriĆ©
  • Pixelar e-Reader
  • Wattpad- for Mobile Java devices and other mobile phones
  • BeBook – (UK): BeBook
  • Astak – (US): EZ Reader
  • lBook – (UA): lBook eReader
  • Endless Ideas – (NL): BeBook Reader
  • Facthor – (E): Papyre
  • Star eRead-Neolux (KR): -Nuut
  • Plastic Logic Reader
  • txtr
  • Foxit
  • Readius
  • Boox
  • Papyrus
  • JetBook
  • Cybook Gen1
  • Ebookwise 1150
  • MyFriend
  • Hiebook 

Warnings and Legal Disclaimers

Please use in well ventilated area. May cause dizziness and hallucinations. May cause itching and runny nose. If symptoms persist for longer than eight weeks please consult your physician. Not for use on “real” books. Do not use while riding public transportation. Discard empty container with hazardous waste. Not for use as a room deodorizer. Not for use on burning books. Do not use on a Zune. Keep away from the Kindle Fire!

Copyright © 2012 • DuroSport Electronics

Via: Smell of Books http://smellofbooks.com/

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