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A Fantastic Reading List on e-books and e-readers in libraries

Submitted by Daniel A. Freeman on July 26, 2011 - 8:30am
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On August 4 and August 11, Sue Polanka will present the two-part Workshop, Integrating E-Books and E-Readers into Your Library. Our workshop presenters recommend advance readings to encourage learning and focused discussion. Whether you're planning to attend this event or not, check out the reading list Sue has put together--it's a fantastic overview of what librarians need to know about e-books and e-readers right now. You can register for this workshop, at either an individual or group rate at the ALA Store.

Session 1: Purchasing eBooks for Libraries 

Acquiring eBooks by Lisa Sibert and Carolyn Morris from No Shelf Required: E‐Books in Libraries by Sue Polanka, pages 95‐124
Collection Development for E-Books  (E-Book Task Force Tip Sheets) by Anne Behler.

What libraries can do when they buy an ebook

Ebook Summit: Our Ebook Challenge

OSLA: eBook Feasibility Study for Public Libraries

E‐book Distributors for the Public and School Library Market

In Survey of Academic Librarians and Ebooks, Pointers Toward a Better System

Off The Shelf: eBook Aggregators 

Session 2: Lending eBook Readers in Libraries ...

May a Library Lend eBook Readers? Peter Hirtle

E‐Readers and Libraries by Beth Bouwman

The River Forest Public Library Experience with the Kindle by Blaise Dierks from No Shelf Required: E‐Books in Libraries by Sue Polanka , pages 68 ‐69

The Penn State University SONY E‐book Reader Project by Anne Behler, from No Shelf Required: E‐Books in Libraries by Sue Polanka, pages 88 – 90 

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Facebook Page – Ebook Readers in Libraries!/group.php?gid=14473239090&v=info

Kindles at the Unquiet Library

eReaders Home Page – Duke University Libraries



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