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Alhamdulilah kumpulan KIK kami , eWAVE Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak (PTAR ) telah terpilih untuk ke ICQCC 2010 HYDERABAD INDIA  yang akan berlangsung di Novotel & Hyderabad International Convention Centre Complex  dengan tema "Develop People for Better Tomorrow" dimana kali ini ia dianjurkan oleh  Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI)

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Dates:October 12-15, 2010
Venue:Novotel & Hyderabad International Convention Centre Complex
Theme:"Develop People for Better Tomorrow"
Organized by:Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI)

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Secretariat, ICQCC-2010 Hyderabad

Quality Circle Forum of India
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It is our proud privilege to announce that the International Convention on Quality Concept Circles, will be hosted by Quality Circle Forum of India, which will be held from 12th - 15th October, 2010 at, Hyderabad, India. India is hosting ICQCC for the third time, the previous ones having been held at New Delhi, in 1989, and at Lucknow in 2002. The third one is going to be held at Hyderabad in 2010. Every convention is an opportunity for the Members practicing Quality Control Circles and other Quality Team Concepts, to share the experience and knowledge from one another, to rub shoulders with one another, discover each other's culture and unite in the creed of Quality and Human Brotherhood.

The theme of the convention is "Develop People for Better Tomorrow" - Developing people is an eternal theme for the world. As long as there is lack of development of the people, there will be disparities in the economic status of the countries. Development of the people through QC Circle intermingled with other Quality Concepts is a need to build a better tomorrow for people all over the world. ICQCC - 2010, India will provide opportunities for Quality and QC Circle experts to exchange views and search for new avenues to improve process management, value addition and cost reduction. Every time one visits India, they will find a vibrant country forging ahead, overcoming every hurdle that comes in its way. We extend to you all a warm welcome to attend the convention not only to contribute to the Quality movement as a whole, but also rediscover India with its diverse cultures. The idea of organizing the International Convention on Quality Control Circles began in 1975. During the Korean Control Conference, the organizers proposed to widen the exchange of ideas and experiences on QC circle activities. A year after, the first international event materialized in Seoul.

Convention delegates are quality practitioners, professionals, facilitators, trainers, QC circle members from various industries, private and government agencies, and the academe as well. They come mainly from the Asia-Pacific region and of late there has seen an increasing participation from Africa, the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Over the years and in keeping with new developments, other quality improvement initiatives were also featured in the convention. However, the basic approach of people involvement through QCC remained the focus of interest even as variant approaches emerged. ICQCC is administered by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). Hosting of the annual event, however, is rotated among member countries of the ICQCC Coordinating Committee. India has so far hosted two conventions: in 1989 and 2002. It is represented by Quality Circle Forum of India, in coordination with its 20 chapters in different part of India.

Official Language: Presentations and documentation of proceedings are in English.

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