Saturday, April 04, 2020

Driving through SmartMart

What is SmartMart?
SmartMart is a drive-thru fully-automated store that allows customers to shop 2800 products (SKUs) from the comfort of their driver's seat.

The world's first fully automated retail store. Providing retailers with custom designs that allow for larger inventory and a smaller footprint.

SmartMart is cashier-less. All orders are delivered to the customer using patented automated technology. The store is virtually monitored 24/7 by our technicians providing customer assistance and ensuring quality control. 

A 24/7 automated convenience store
Allows shopping from comfort of vehicle

Example of store
History of the company
-Mike Rivalato, 1983
-Over the past 3 years, "proof of concept"
- Projected 1 trillion in revenue

What are the benefits?
Improve bottom line
Preserves Energy
Customer Friendly
Owner Friendly
Comfort and Versatility

What are the shopper benefits?
-Positive experience
-Open 24/7
-Over 30 security cameras
-Transactions in over 2 mins
-In both english and spanish

What are the benefits of owning a SmartMart?
- Virtually no competition yet
- Extremely high profit and returns
-Lower cost and upkeep
-Eco Friendly
- Accountability and virtually no theft

Jetson Family Technology

Specifically designed conveyer belt
Touch screen ordering
Shop from drivers seat

How does it work??
What is the future of this technology?
-4 TouchScreen points for faster service
- Shop From the Driver's Seat
- Pay with Cash, Credit, or Debit Card
- Products Arrive to Vehicle Window in 5 Seconds
-No Standing in Line to Check Out

Competitive advantage
No store labor to train and pay
Insurance costs reduced, less risk
Attract new customers with privacy and ease
Automated, Automated, Automated
Offers 2000 items, constantly reordered
Personal help if needed
Not alot of upkeep, less money on supplies


Meant for high frequency shoppers
Meets goals
Quick fix needs with limited time

Items held in store
-Milk, Bread, Fruits, and Veggies
-Medicine,  Soda
-Paper, Batteries, Ipod download cards


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