Wednesday, January 06, 2016

CES 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

Salam sejahtera, selamat tahun baru 2016, sempena tahun baru ni banyak perkara baru dan inovasi baru yang lebih kreatif serta inovatif untuk kita pengguna disajikan di Consumer Electronics Show tahun ini CES2016 antara Trends  terkini  ialah tentang Cars, Wearables, Laptops dan Accessories for Everything
Walking the Floor at CES

Mercedes-Benz's Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile concept

Faraday Future FFZero1 concept car

Get a hands-on look at Faraday Future's new 1,000-horsepower concept car.

#Chevrolet 200-mile Bolt EV

Are you ready to fly inside a drone? #drone

EcoReco M5 Air is a sweet electric scooter #CES2016

segway Mini Pro demo and interview

the new Huawei Watch "made for women" with Nicola Fumo

Sphero BB-8 lets you REALLY tap into the Force

#Tipron New robot with built-in projector turns any room into a movie theater

Meet Garmin's new Google Glass-like tech headset for cyclists:

LG's rollable OLED display


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