Monday, March 04, 2013

Addressing Plagiarism - Technology Best Practices

Best Practices: Technology in Education
Addressing Plagiarism:Why Students Plagiarize
How serious is the issue of student plagiarism?
What motivates students to plagiarize?
How can educators create a culture of academic integrity?

These are three of the questions answered in Why Students Plagiarize, a 30-minute webcast featuring Jason M. Stephens, an expert on academic motivation, moral judgment, self-regulation, and cheating behavior among students. Dr. Stephens gives you the information you need to address the issue of plagiarism at your institution and provides you with some additional resources.

This is just one resource we have to help you and your colleagues manage written assignments.  Once a week over the next several months I will send you additional articles, briefs, videos and white papers to help you use technology to:
* Understand and address plagiarism
* Fully engage students in the writing process
* Teach essential 21st century skills
* Reduce grading time & effort---while providing richer feedback to students

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