Saturday, February 28, 2009

Microsoft Future Vision 2019

Microsoft has unveiled its future Imagination for “2019″ at the Wharton Business Technology Conference, starring stock photo men, women and children playing with the next-generation of communication, collaboration and production technologies. (via Steve Clayton)

The video gives a brief glimpse of what Microsoft has imagined will be mainstream technology by 2019. Some of the technologies previewed in the video include intriguing stuff like a “transparent wall” between two classrooms located at distinct locations - across the globe in some cases. Then there were the animated drawings, and of course, surface displays and mini projectors.

Envision how emerging technologies, evolving trends, and global change might come together to improve our lives at work and home across multiple real life scenarios.
While this might be dismissed by some as a creation of a touchscreen obsessed person, it sure is an interesting watch. It remains to be seen how many of these technologies will actually make be a reality. But yes, its worth having a look at so that you can at least have a good laugh on it in 2019 when some of these might look very lame.

The video gives a brief glimpse of Microsoft's imagination

Future Vision Montage
Envision with us how emerging technologies, evolving trends, and global change might come together to improve our lives at work and home across multiple real life scenarios.Learn More

Take a step into the future and get a glimpse into how technology may transform the way we live and work in the years ahead. Explore some of the concepts for how leading edge technologies might be used in real world settings – such as health care, manufacturing, banking and retail – over the next 5-10 years.

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Banking Future Vision
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Retail Future Vision
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And for those who like to analyze every pixel as much as I do, here’s a couple screenshots I extracted from Stephen’s PowerPoint deck. An interesting future indeed.



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